Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"...does whatever a spider can..."

Here is one of the only things from Joe's class I am not ashamed to show. This spider can be found in the Bean Museum. While I was drawing in there, a toddler climbed ON TOP OF the glass case holding this spider and many other interesting bugs- I was so worried the kid would break the case and ruin my subject matter. and possibly hurt himself.


MKCrowder said...

You should put some sketches up too. If you want comments we need to see some of your other work/work in progress/etc. You are the coolest (not just because your picture is frostbitten...)

Brian Kohrman said...

I remember this one. It's a cool image! Yeah, the Bean Museum is full of great subjects. I found that taking my time there, measuring and making sure proportions are right has helped me a ton! If you can get proportions and shapes dead on, everything else will come... Well, at least as much as it has for me, I guess. Keep up the good work!