Thursday, October 23, 2008

Upcoming Movies

Hey, if you're reading this you should read my online magazine-
It's for one of my classes this fall.  The more subscribers I get, the higher my grade.  Please subscribe, it's quick and easy!  And, if you have multiple emails, subscribe with all of them!
Thanks a lot!


Marc and Heather said...

Your artwork is so great! I'm adding your site to my friends list... :) blogger is way more fun than facebook! Oh and I subscribed to your thing for that class with 3 different emails. :) How are things anyway?

Dar, Ali, and Edi said...

Hey John!
Congratulations on the engagement! I have to be's a little surreal that everyone is marrying someone from high school! But great, nonetheless. Hope that school is going well for you. I enjoy your drawings, but I think you should post more often. Will you be staying in Utah?